My Perspective of TMK Builders

Tom and I have been working together for more years than I can recall now, and, as an electrical contractor, I find his foresight and thorough planning an essential. He foresees issues long before they arrive, and resolves them well before hand. From designing and laying out the lighting, switching, and outlets, to designing and building the cabinets to incorporate lighting and outlets in a seamless and unobtrusive manner, the final result always brings smiles and praise from the many clients over the years.

As a simple example – kitchen islands and peninsulas. As an electrician, I ’m often frustrated by the lack of proper foresight, design, and preparation of the cabinets to include outlets for general purpose and appliances. No matter my warnings in the beginning about designing the cabinets for this code issue, as often as not, it is forgotten and when I return to complete the work, I find that the architect, the designer, the cabinet did not take these issues into consideration as warned and it becomes a big problem to resolve at that stage of the game.

Proper design of the cabinets with such issues in mind is essential for a seamless result. Tom always designs and builds his cabinets with every electrical, plumbing and HVAC issues issue in mind. This one seemingly simple issue is just one example of why working with Tom makes my
part of the job flow easily, saving time and money for the clients with the end result being perfect the first time, every time.

Paul Watson / Mill Valley Electric

Tom Kline was instrumental in not only seeing our project through from beginning to end in a professional and timely manner but shined in his skilled craftsmenship. He has a keen observation of the smallest details and is always motivated to fix what he sees as inaccurate or poor workmanship. He motivated his crew on a daily basis, kept the cleanest construction site I have ever seen and was a real pleasure to work with. There were several times during the construction process that my husband and I remarked how wrong the project could have gone if he had not been our contractor. For instance, the architect had designed a kitchen that was incredibly out of proportion for the room. Tom, out of his own initiative, built a rough plywood shell of the kitchen’s dimensions to illustrate how awkward the layout would be within the kitchen space. In the end, this one example saved us untold dollars and mental hardship. Tom is always thinking of better ways to improve process and give his client’s the best quality product for a reasonable price. We were extremely pleased with his work and enjoyed his calm and pleasant demeanor. I would highly recommend him to be your contractor.

Pamela Hadfield, Sausalito, CA (Sausalito Modern)

Tom Kline and his team have done various remodeling jobs for me and I am a huge fan! Tom is very honest, does beautiful work and has great ideas throughout the process. He managed all of the various contractors who worked on the job so that I didn’t have to worry about or talk to anyone else. He made sure everyone’s work was high-quality – even having things re-done before I had even seen them. His bids were right on and he stuck by them. Anyway, he’s a great guy and I highly recommend him.

AnneLise Dolan, Corte Madera, CA

I have used Tom Kline on various construction jobs over the years, and I have never been more pleased with his care and valuable insight as it relates to figuring out the most efficient ways to complete the job with the highest of standards in mind. He is also very effective when it comes to putting the right resources and people together to get the job done in a timely fashion. Due to his high level of experience, he is extremely reliable and responsive when it comes to meeting your expectations.

Ben Travers, Mill Valley, CA

Over the past several years, we have used Tom for a variety of repair and home improvement projects, from the mundane to the very substantial. He has always been professional and dependable, getting the work done on time and on budget. We have been consistently impressed by the high quality of work, the care and attention to detail that Tom has shown in every aspect of his business. We would gladly use his services again, and indeed are already planning to do so. Thanks Tom for all the great help.

Cate and Jim Biggs, Mill Valley, CA

Tom demonstrated an impeccable manner while installing 4 Solatubes, an attic fan and a set of stairs in our home. With each new project he was very careful with all the things in my home. His attention to detail had both my husband and I in awe. He was organized and had the jobs all planned out before starting them. We appreciated his integrity with us when we were in the planning stages of these 3 projects. Needless to say I was happy to provide a testimonial for Tom. Hire him, you won’t be disappointed.

Sue & Thomas Fix, Paradise, CA

Tom Kline came into my home to repair some water damage to the front of my house. While he came highly recommended, his work far exceeded my expectations! His professionalism, efficiency and attention to detail were unparalleled in my experience and I look forward to working with him in the future!

Heather Spooner, Napa, CA